Everything will be ok and Where is the happiness? are two stories about happiness, hope, life, family and friendship. Two adventures for kids and grown-ups that will remind you that sometimes it’s important to slow down and look inside you.

It’s not about forgetting reality and blindly believing in happiness, it’s about believing in yourself and finding those things that make you smile. Positivity is an exercise that we often forget to practice! A smile is always a good way to start… Would you like to read one of the books? We hope our stories make you smile 🙂

Maria is a dreamer, a happy person full of energy and creativity. Born in Barcelona, raised between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees; located nowadays in California. Maria is a creative director, photographer and teacher with more than 20 years of experience. You can get in touch with her at info@happystoriesbymaria.com


Estel, Mar and Peter are inspired by my nieces Elvira and Marta and my nephew Pol, they are the sweetest, most creative, smartest kids. They have the biggest hearts. I’m lucky enough to grow with them, and learn from their magic.

Cleo and Ziggy were named after two of my friend’s babies; Arami and Leah. Cleo and Ziggy were born around the time the pandemic started, bringing hope and happiness to all of us.

Maria 🙂

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